Free Fire Battlegrounds

It is a well-known survival shooter game for Android that features an action-packed battle between multiple players.One of the first Android games with a mysterious storyline where players face off against each other on a deserted island was this one.You can play by yourself or as part of a team.You need to shield yourself from radiation and enemies if you want to win the game.This battle royale game has a lot of customization options, fast-paced sequences, and fun gameplay. It was made by Garena International, and it has built a strong community of fans and followers all over the world.The activity game was delivered before the tremendously famous PUBG Versatile, Fortnite Fight Royale, and Portable Legends Bang.The action game is original and distinct, and it does not copy other titles in this genre.

What is the game’s objective?

The multiplayer gameplay is the foundation of this fast-paced survival shooter.As a result, the game cannot be played offline.There are two game modes to choose from when playing the game on an online server.The first one focuses on a free-for-all strategy for the entire island.To win the game in this version, forty players square off against one another.The second one is a little bit smaller and has four players per team.The goal has not changed.

How does it play?

Free Fire Battlegrounds has controls that are simple to use in comparison to other mobile games.The main character has the ability to stand, crawl, and crouch.The shooting style in the game is partially automatic, and the target point turns red to show you where the enemy is exactly.You can rest and avoid further damage to your health from the island’s radiation in the game’s numerous safe zones.These zones shrink as the game progresses.Even though the play only lasts ten minutes, the goal is to keep your energy up until the end.You can only use so much ammunition in the battle royale game, so you need to buy guns, grenades, and other items to get more powers.Additionally, there are a number of health packs available to keep you going until the game’s end.Cars can also be purchased with “diamonds” and other in-game items.The guns and vehicles are easy to operate.In this action game, you can use the on-screen compass to guide you through the various moves.You can’t shoot other players while driving.However, you can run over them and go on a killing spree.In some sequences, the visuals seem out of date, but the background music keeps you hooked.

What about individualization?

In contrast to other Android games in this genre, this one offers numerous customization options.In fact, the game is always interesting because of the character customization options.The majority of the characters don’t look like regular people, and some even have pets or particular accessories.As previously stated, “diamonds” can be used to upgrade and personalize avatars, purchase ammunition, and drive cars across extensive maps.Sadly, the game doesn’t seem to be a serious endurance shooter game.It would rather concentrate on a humorous, cartoonish approach to appearance.Strange graphics accompany driving cars, changing weapons, and increasing health meter values.However, Free Fire Battlegrounds regularly receives new avatars, weapons, skins, and customizations.Special events, sales, and promotions are also planned by the development team.Additionally, this mobile game has sluggish servers.If you get kicked out of one at random, it shouldn’t surprise you.You will occasionally encounter some minor glitches, and the game needs to be patched for a lot of bugs.Hopefully, these issues will be fixed in subsequent updates.

Our opinion : In general, this action game is enjoyable to play.It can keep you busy for several hours at once.Unfortunately, its expansion in a gaming market that is already crowded has been stymied by its slow servers and frequent glitches.

Garena International has created a fast-paced battle royale game.Free Fire Battlegrounds does not disappoint with its action-packed sequences, numerous customization options, and support for cars, upgrades, and weapons.In point of fact, the fun gameplay keeps you coming back to the island where anything goes to win the game.

Garena Free Fire


Offers fun and drawing in interactivity Accompanies numerous customizations Upheld by a strong local area Offers great foundation scor


A few servers are slow